Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh yeah, and I think your cat has worms.... (Originally posted on MySpace on Thursday, August 18, 2005)

This will be another one of those rambling free form blogs I like to write so much. I havenn't really gota subject about which it write just starting to type and seeing where it goes. I'm amazed that some people out there keep these serious political blogs about the world and its like starting this revolution wherein certain media outlets are turning to blogs for inside information and pundutry....How can anyone take their blogs that seriuosly that CNN will sit up and take notice...

I'd like to think that my blogs are somewhere between a letter from Hunter S. Thompson's The Proud Highway and that scene in the X-files when The smoking man sets molder straight on a few issues all the while a gun is waving in his stoic reason in the face of madness etc. etc.

Of course then I feel like I have to write something everyday...just because I'm OCD and I would like to think that I have certain group of people who look forward to reading it day to day...if for no other reason than to make fun of me much like Andrew does.

I don't want to talk to much about Becca's personal issues because she's not as comfortable with this Blog thing as I but she is having some financial troubles due to the fact that the guy who owns the Salon keeps coming to her and going..."Oh owe me 800 bucks for such and's a paper that says so..." And I am getting really sick of it. Without going into detail there is a lot of devious, suspect shit going down and it is really making me sigh with frustration. I mean I feel like she really goes out of her way for this guy and it always seems like he's just full of shit and only wants that green stuff...

I wish I had more time to play video games. A lot of you people out there might be saying to yourself...don't you work at a video game company? And the answer to that is yes...but that doesn't mean I get to spend anytime playing games (I don't) and the games I do get to fire up from time to time aren't usually in any form that would make playing them enjoyable (i.e. pre-release code that doesn't work...which is why its being tested by QA). No I spend my days using computer programs that most would find inane and boring...but I love my job.

It's just that there are so many great games that I want to play out there and a whole bunch more are coming out and I know I won't ever finish ones that fell by the wayside like Prince of Persia 2 or Medal of Honor European Assault (hell I never even finished Frontline and I loved that game).

I really wish I could get a bike...I'm getting sick of jogging...but even if I had a bikeI don't know where I'd ride it. The valley needs a few more good bike paths...I guess there's always chandler...

We'll looks like I'm rambling. Nothing much to report. Today was a good day overall...I'm feeling a little sick...haven't decided if its from the trip or what...just hope it doesn't get any worse or I'm going ot have to go on a vitamin C binge.

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