Friday, April 25, 2008

One more furry mouth to feed... (Originally posted on MySpace Monday, July 18, 2005)

So we FINALLY got a cat. Becca and I have been wanting one for about a year and didn't get one for a couple of reasons....1) technically we're not supposed to HAVE animals in our apartment. and 2) our Housemate was not so hot on the idea.

Well we came to some mutual agreements with Jeff over what it would take to get him to agree to having a cat in the house...and Becca and I are so sick of our apartment anyway that if we had to move'd be no big loss.

So in the end we adopted a cat from Becca's friend Angela. This cat is awesome...we had to get him shaved due to his fur being the most knotted mess I have EVER seen. But as I have nothing against a shaved pussy, I figured what the heck and then I could use the shaved pussy joke until it got really old and still think it was funny.

Basically he is a great cat. Friendly, house trained, clean...I mean really a great guy. I hope he can adjust to being inside...and I hope Jeff can adjust to having a furry friend around...but it'll be hard not to love this guy.

Also I missed Eric Weiss' birthday party and I feel really bad. I can't explain why I am so anti-social. It was going to be attended by the group of people at work that I actually LIKE to spend time with and it was almost walking distance from my house...but I don't know. Andrew and Keller had bets on if I'd show and of course I didn't. So I got drunken phone calls antagonizing me all night as a reward for being a flaker. I can't explain it. I like having people over to my house but when ti comes to other people's houses, I just am not into it anymore... I think I partied a little too much in college and now any party just seems tame by comparrison...besides I know that unsupervised by Becca I'd probably get TOTALLY hammered and end up in jail or something, cause when I really start drinking I really start drinking...and basically I'm to out of practice to hit the sauce like I used to...and all I end up doing is getting sick and talking to loud and getting in fights or something...all of which is stuff I can do at why bother...I know it sucks...I"m going to make an effort to get out there with the buddies more often....I mean it this time...Hell I haven't hung out with Jerry, Steve, Joe, or any of the college buddies for months...I suck. I'm not even a buddy anymore.

Oh. Another reason I'm anti social is probably due to the fact that I'm playing God of War right now...that game kicks ASS!!! It's gory, violent, has nudity (and a sex minigame) I mean it is the reason there is an ESRB...I love it.

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