Friday, April 25, 2008

The perils of the party school...(Originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 )

Nothing makes me go: "Why didn't I think of that" more than Girls Gone Wild.

It might not seem like a natural progression to some of you. But to all my fellow Gacho's out there all it would have taken was a well placed camera. It's a different era now I think. We live in an era when you can shot pics or video and get it onto the web in about ten minutes. And most girls now would never "go wild" for fear of where it might end up.

But ten years ago (when I started college) the time was ripe. I mean I'm sure there are lots of girls who would willingly "go wild" now a days...dumb exhibitionists mostly...of which most half way attractive girls in their early twenties are...but back then...the idea of having something packaged and broadcast was more foreign...

That was before: REality TV overload, Paris Hilton, and Cable Modems in ever house.

I mean all i would have needed would have been about 5000.00 bucks of dot com venture capital and I could have been at spring break with snoop god damned easy.

But the people hwo would should really feel stupid are the GIRLS I went to college with...I mean...all those girls in Delta Gamma could have made a LOT Of money charging for a membership to watch PG "web cams" of girls the DG house. They still could...but now it's sort of tackily been done. You could have even framed it as a sociological experiment on the Internet and Inter Gender relationships or something like that...and ALL of y ou could have paid your way through school...oh well live and learn I guess.

Now I look at Girls gone Wild as a sort of embarasing thing. I think it's basically for guys who didn't get a lot of "action" (and still don't). personally I'd rather watch porn..or better yet be with my real girlfriend when she goes "wild". It's kind of like Maxim to me. I don't really see the a magazine it's content is boring...and there are a lot better pictures available for FREE yawn...I don't know.

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