Friday, April 25, 2008

Things that kind of suck. (Originally posted on MySpace on Thursday, September 15, 2005)

1. I think it kinda sucks that you can't organize your friends on Like the people on the top of the queue are not necessarily the ones with whom I am most "friendly" that is not to say anything against Beth or Sarah Berkowitz...but it would probably be good if Becca was on top...good for me, if I want to keep having sex with her...

2. I think student loans kinda suck. I mean I think you should only pay them back proportional to how greatly the effect your ability to get a job in a related field. Like for example I am not an I shouldn't still owe 18 grand to the BFA program...And another thing they don't tell you is that it is really hard to get loans and by like a house with a huge student loan cause it increases your "debt ratio" yeah getting an education is good and all but that loan means you can't get a house later...OUCH!

3. I think that reality TV kinda sucks. I get it. I get why people watch it. I just wish they didn't. Kinda like how a girl must feel when you want to cum on her face...I mean they get it. they get why you want to...but they kinda wish that you weren't that into it, cause they sort of wish that they didn't have to deal with it...That's how I feel about reality TV.

4. I think that gas prices kinda suck.

5. I think that as a president George W. Bush kinda sucks.

6. I think that when you look at it with a sober, objective viewpoint Halo 2 kinda sucks.

7. I think that the new Mos Def album kinda sucked.

8. I think that all the extra shit they try to put into iced tea and coffee at starbucks kina sucks.

9. I think that the fact that the Xbox version of Darkwatch doesn't have split-screen Co-Op story mode kinda sucks.

10. I think that $300,000 being a good price for a condo in Van Nuys kinda sucks.

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