Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PRE BLOG BLOG!!! (Originally posted on MySpace Wednesday, May 17, 2006)

First off let me say to any THQ Big brothers who monitor myspace I am not at work right now. I WAS at work this morning at 2 AM burning your precious Titan Quest, and I WILL be back in to cover the late shift...something like 2PM to 9PM (if I'm lucky). So I don't want to be called into the HR office for blogging during work hours...cause when you work in the mastering lab EVERY HOUR IS A WORK HOUR. THQ is on my schedule!!!!

Anyway...Jeff's mom is coming into town so we finally (las minute as usual) got around to getting a cleaning lady (in this case it turned out to be a cleaning gentleman and a cleaning lady, so cleaning gentlepersons I guess). Be they gentlepersons, Becca doesn't trust them with her shit so I'm here babysitting them until I go to work...fun five hours of coaxing a howling cat out from under the bed while the vacumes wail...still at least the house will be clean.

So brace yourselves...I got a few blogs I'm writting and we're just getting started.

On a side note I've been listening ot a lot of the Soma FM stations on shoutcast lately, all four of them are great. Groove Salad and Space Station SOMA in particular are great blogging dirges, but I'm a fan of Drone Zone as well for the early morning shifts.

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