Tuesday, April 29, 2008

promises promises....(Originally posted on MySpace on Saturday, May 13, 2006)

I know I keep threatening to do this...but I mean it this time...if I get the time tomorrow I WILL write up blogs on the aborted move....my (now historic) tripo to vegas

and of course E3


To tide you over till then here are some interesting news flashes:

1. I rode the subway to E3 today. It wasn't so bad...only took about twenty five mintues to downtown and back...and that beats the 1.5 hour crawl home I took yesterday.

2. I then spent about four hourse unpacking all the shit I had packed....and then when I hooked up my stereo again it started sparking and smoking and basically my amp melted down and it's shot...the house smells really funky now...at least it wasn't my turn table.

3. I keep filling up a basket with depeche mode CDs at musicnonstop.co.uk but then I am too cheap to push buy so I keep closing it...I think it's a little OCD or something...some disorder.

anyway check out my friend Dan Liu's E3 pics:



he took a lot of good ones. and for those of you who are hoping I took lots of pictures of the hired "guns" (aka Booth Babes) this should make up for your eventual disapointment.

Just to whet your whistle for eventual tellings of E3 here are a couple pics I took from the show, enjoy.

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