Friday, April 25, 2008

SHIT at WORK!!!! (Originally posted on MySpace on Monday, August 22, 2005)

Wow. The shit really hit the fan today. Ol Chuck was a might pissed when I walked in. I told becca yeseterday that I hated Mondays cause they are busy and we have less guys in the lab so if someone doesn't come in it adds to the hectic chaos. Well Glen came in late which ment that chuck was all alone from six in the morning until I came in at noon. And that sucks for him cause that meant that he was working CONTANTLY. I mean no bathroom time to even breath...just bust ass. But that is the way it is sometimes. I think Glen and I have more of an understanding...sometimes this job just sucks. Glen tends to take advantaget of the situation a little more than anyone else by being late almost as a rule. But really communication is bad in here. I told Chuck he should have called me and I would have come in and he was like, "I know". but he didn't maybe just so he could bitch at Glen, I don't know.

Anyway the way chuck "deals" with it is by just basically up and leaving as soon as I walk in. Now I know he had a long morning...but now he's no better than glen from my point of veiw cause he's ditching out on the last three hours of his shift (and I bet you ANYTHING he didn't clock in at 6...probably more like 8ish). They did this to me at E3 too...spent the whole time bitching at each other and then abandoning me at the post to stand in the same place for eight hours while they farted sucked...I'd talk to my supervisor about it...but i'm afraid it'd do little good. Both Chuck and Glen have been at THQ forever and it can be something of an old boy croney type atmostphere so I fear it wouldn't do any REAL good. The problem is that because they've been here forever they don't really care anymore...they're to jaded...they've seen to much. they've earned their to's a big problem...and I think it will remain until Chuck and Glen move on to biger and better...but by then I'LL be the one ditching out on shifts and complaining all the time...

not that I don't like the doesn't really affect me. I come in at the same time and go home at the same time...there is just this BUZZ of complaining that is more intense from time to time.

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