Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes it just don’t make no sense. (Originally posted on MySpace on Thursday, November 03, 2005)

So the damn clutch is about six or seven more trip to work away from totally giving out. No big deal right. I mean how much can a clutch cost's an Acura...and like everyone owns a Honda/ those things must be like real easy to come by right?


Isn't it funny how everyone has "their guy" a car person that they "trust" that they think is "good". Well that is usually just bullshit...cause if you really knew enough about cars (which I don't) to tell if someone did a comparably good job at fixing it, you could fix the damn thing yourself. Right? I mean...the the clutch is grinding and slipping and I'm thinking...ut oh...better get this how do I know if one guy fixes it "better" than some other guy. Really all you can do is go by price and how much you think the guy is ripping you off for service you can't afford.

The guy that I usually go to "my guy" is a "pretty good" guy. He knows alot about Honda's, he's really really cool to Becca, and he helped me find my car in the first place by hooking me up with one of his customers that he knew was selling a car.

So anyway I call up "my guy" and it turns out that the clutch is going to cost 857 DOLLARS!!!

Shit the WHOLE CAR onlly cost me the clutch (not the transmission mind you) just the clutch is gonna be almost 900 bucks!!! shit. that sucks.

I can afford it (barely...if I eat top roman for a few months) but do I WANT to. "my guy" only uses like you know official Acura parts...which he "highly recommends"...but the 3 other car shops I called that use so-called "off brand" clutches. So what should I do. Should be "honorable" and go to the guy who I"ve been going to all this time, the guy who helped me find the car. Or should I save some cash? I mean really I'm not trying to put this car in any car shows. I do plan on driving this car for at least another 60,000 miles. Can I get away with an "off brand" clutch for that long? I mean I've been driving this car since I bought it with a "marginal" anything is an improvement right?

I'll tell you...I'm planing on going to the cheaper guy...because my car isn't really a priority the same as paying of credit card debts and having a little extra cash to buy becca a purse or some boots here and that so wrong?

I feel guilty...but maybe I shouldn't, god know that no one should feel sorry for auto mechanics...they screw us all in the end...Right?

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