Thursday, May 15, 2008

How in the hell am I going to make it out of Comic Con without declaring bankruptcy ?

First off, want to say that if Greg is reading this, I'm sorry that it's still festooned with the creepy Silent Hill motif. I'm working on a new motif that will incorporate THQ's Titan Quest. A great game with cool enough concept art that it'll work as blog skin for a little while.

Anyway, enough "shop talk", NECA makers of some damn fine Castlevania and Resident Evil figures is working on some new Gears of War figures.

They recently announced that they'd be releasing a special Carmine figure which would be an exclusive to the San Diego Comic Con. Man I gotta get me one of these babies.

I just hope the fleecing doesn't start until after I buy a few and get them on ebay for the poor suckers who can't get there themselves.

I'd give Kotaku the credit for filling me in on this one but they put a big ol Kotaku watermark in the .jpg they used in the story so I couldn't hot link it. Below is a nice clean .jpg (which I assume Kotaku used to make their Kotaku brand .jpg) below.


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