Friday, May 16, 2008

New Layout.

The silent Hill motif was scaring Greg so I've changed the layout up a bit.

Plus I'm using a THQ property (Titan Quest) for the time being. Gotta give props to my corporate overlords!

Titan Quest was a fun game. If you haven't played it and liked Diablo you should go pick it up. You wont' be sorry.

I've always wished that it'd come out for Xbox 360, but with Iron Lore closed, I don't know if that'll ever happen.

Anway tell me what you think.


AaronFlux said...

The Lone Wolf And Cub movies were done before Shogun Assassin. They are all a part of the same series. The Lone Wolf And Cub series took place during the 70s, Shogun Assassin being the Americanized version. I should have included that in my review. I never saw those films but I gather that the Manga is based on them. I should check them out.

AaronFlux said...

Actually, the Manga inspired the movies. So you're right, I digress.