Friday, May 23, 2008

I like boobs as much as the next video game nerd...but sheesh...

Strategy Informer has posted a HUGE PILE of new Soul Calibur IV. Now, I've already blogged about what I think about Soul Calibur turning into Dead or Alive, but with every new batch of screen shots I just feel more and more embarrassed to be a "fan" of this series. I mean anyone who walked in on me playing with this character would have a hard time believing that I liked this game for it's "fun combat" and "great multiplayer".

I was OK with Ivy in Soul Calibur II. I was like a one of thing. Like she was the Chun Li of that game. But it's like now even Sophitia is a fucking ridiculous melon chested Anime cliche.

I still want to get this game so I can sit on a couch with Patrick and spam the a button...but I'd be embarassed to play this game in front of a group of non-gamers.

I have a lot of great memories of playing soul edge with Raleigh and the masterbatorium guys, but I fear that this game will not have the same mass appeal since none of my friends are 16 year old high school guys.

Oh well here's some more T and A because as much as I protest...these are some nice character designs...

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