Thursday, May 1, 2008

The ol’ man....(Originally posted on MySpace on Saturday, November 11, 2006)

Well today I did't have to come into work until 9AM so it was "sleeping in" till 7:30AM. Unfortunatly my phone went off at 4:30. Must be Smackdown I thought as I fumbled for the phone with Choco refusing to move from my head (one of his favorite between me and Becca on the pillows).

Anyway...turns out it was the old man. He was totally lost. He said he got of the 405 at sherman way and headed north...

Wait, what. Wasn't dad supposed to be spending the night in Vegas? Well he was, but typical dad planing he didn't make a reservation and suprise suprise they get to vegas at midnight and there aint no hotel they just decide to keep driving to LA. could have called me...well they did call 4AM! Anyway I stumbled into the bathroom with Choco following me meowing thinking he was going to get breakfasta early and Becca going, "Be Quiet Dude!!! What the fuck are you doing on the phone!!!".

Anyway I guide dad back towards sepulveda (he's gonna stay at the best western on Burbank and Sepulveda..hope he made it.)

Anyway we're having dinner tonight at Jerry's Famous deli...and tomorrow Dad and Kelly are going to go on a cruise out of LA HArbor...must be nice. I wish I had known he'd be in town, I'd have tried to get off work..oh well...

tonight should be interesting.

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