Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saint's Row 2 takes some pot shots.

In the spirit of full discloser I should say that I work at THQ, so I have a personal stake in hoping that Saint's Row can compete with GTA. But having said that I also own a copy of GTA IV and I have to admit that this trailer made me go, HA! That's right what is up with that cabaret shit anyway!


AaronFlux said...

Dang! I totally want to go bowling and follow that up with heading to The Cabaret while then ending my night by watching tv, inside a tv, inside a tv.

teknohed said...

I'm suprised you commented on this and not on the Machine Girl post...that one had Aaron all over it.

AaronFlux said...

I was going to comment on the Machine Girl post. I saw that video when I worked at MySpace. It looks badass. I forgot, however, to comment since multitasking at work sometimes throws my brain into the mental void of...'what was I going to comment on again?' and then I just sit here confused.