Monday, June 16, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake becoming more of a Brat...

I feel like where my MySpace blog degenerated into a Video Game news and rumor blog, this one is degenerating into a "Posts that Becca will think are interesting" blog. Well so what, you want a better blog? Write your owner.

My latest post will be about Strawberry ShortCake. While, I did have a couple of Care Bears, i was totally out of the loop on the Strawberry Shortcake tip in the 80s. Most of the girls I knew had Barbies or maybe Cabbage Patch, but I can't think of anyone who was a big Strawberry Shortcake person.

But still, I know Becca like the series, so I figure maybe some of her buddies will as well.

Neatorama had a link to a New York Times Business article about the modernizing of several beloved but "stogey" children's properties. The article touches on several re-boots that range from the looney toons to the ninja turtles. The most interesting one is the Strawberry Shortcake redesign. The most disturbing part of which is that apparently the new Strawberry Shortcake will "spends her time chatting on a cellphone instead of brushing her calico cat". Won't someone think of teh kittehs? Anyway, feast your eyes on the future:

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