Monday, June 16, 2008

What the hell is going on here...another post that has nothing to do with video games?

Tonight is the beginning of the new season of Weeds. Last year it was sort of an institutional thing at our house, with some "Weeds Nights" balooning in size up to seven or eight people. Tonight will see at least five people crowded on my Couch sipping drinks and yelling out "oh shit" at each crazy twist and turn.

About two weeks ago all these "pin up" style adds started showing up all over town and on busses. Becca's initial reaction was "Where the fuck is californication?" She needs her Varga style David Duchovny.

Anyway, In my pre show browsing I stumbled upon a nice set of downloads on the official Weeds Showtime site. Some of them are kind of lame widgets that are nothing more than an add to clog your desktop up with...but there are some high rez wall papers, AIM avatars, and even a calender which I wouldn't tease anyone for downloading. After all Nancy Botwin is about the MILF-iest cougar on TV.

Here's another pic that I'm sure at least Glen will appreciate.

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