Friday, July 11, 2008

Went to the Yaz show last night.

So, I saw Yaz last night.

As they would say (because they're from the UK) "Bloody Brilliant".

The concert was amazing. The first time they've played together in 25 years. The pretty much played everything (the benefit of having only put out 2 albums). All the songs were slightly updated. Not too much, but enough that you felt like a lot of them would be at home on the dancefloor at Suicide or Perversion.

All I can say is Fucking Alison Moyet. Wow. That chick floored me. She can sing. I actually had tears in my eyes a couple of times. Which is partly due to nostalgia. Partly wishing Raleigh was there to geek out with me. And partly because it was just so powerful. The only show I could compare it to would be portishead. And I'd have to give the nod to Yaz, because there is just something so strong about Moyet's stage presence. Amazing.

The theater was an old movie palace in downtown Los Angeles, which was also an experience. Downtown can be kind of scary and walking out of there you feel like you sort of wish you had parked a little closer.

But still, there's something about downtown that is sort of exhilerating. I wish I could have seen it in the 20s, must have been amazing. The car ruined it. If we couldn't drive, all those abandoned apartments would have people living in them. There's so many people that work down there it's a shame that the place is a dangerous, crack filled ghost town after 6PM.

But I"m getting a little off topic. which is that Yaz was amazing. And thanks to the power of the internet I can share it with you via peoples annoying cell phone videos (does anyone else hate cell phone video takers at shows? I feel like...come on man...unplug and just "feel the vibes" , but what do I know I still buy CDs.)

Anyway the only video I could find of the night I went to is a video of them fucking up "Don't Go"...which even in itself was graceful. They just stopped and started again and the crowd went ape shit both whatever:

Then there are a few others...gotta get in state farm for Becca (her favorite):

And lastly the amazing Reel to Reel performance of I before E which made me miss raleigh the most (dont' know why, just brought back a lot of mark pratter memories):

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