Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few foods I hate. (Originally posted on MySpace on Dec 5, 2008)

Isn't it funny how some people can absolutely love something that you can not stand. I mean food wise. I mean...some people out there must LOVE pork rinds...cause if they didn't then simple economics would ensure that no pork rinds were sold. I saw a thing on history channel about how they make porkrinds...I was so to the core of my how I'd feel if I liberated a concentration that feeling of, "how can anyone stand by when there are millions of pounds of PORK SKINS rendered each day for rinds. I have to admit, though it's not because of animal cruelty. NOw don't get me wrong. I love animals. And I don't want them to suffer and I don't think they should die so I can have a nice fur coat. But I'd be a big hypocrit if I wore my new (sweet ass) Pearl Izumi gloves and talked about saving animals. I mean, unfortunatly cheesburgers taste good. Does that mean I want to go to a slaughter house and see a cow get turned into a cheeseburger. Not really. NOt at fact just writing that kinda makes me woozy.

But anyway I'm a little off topic here. The thing that brought this on is I was just in the break room starting a pot of Coffee. I have a ritual. Come in clock in. Start a pot of Seatle Blend. Go to the Lab. Turn everything on. Check the queue. Go back to the break room. Fill up on Seattle blend. Start a pot of Vienna Roast. Well I was startin Vienna when the night wathcman saunters in and phlematically leers, "you ain gon star(huh-HEEM) no Vanilla nut.?"


"Well why" he says resting his hand on his mace can...letting me know who's in charge.

"Well" I start, this guy has a habbit of coming by the Mastering Lab every morning and going 'Hey...what'd ya jus stick in yer pockit?' to which I turn from my work and simply blink hoping that what I'm silently conveying is something along the lines of "Listen asshole...that wasn't funny when you said it to me the day we moved in here three weeks ago...and it isn't funny now...I'm sorry that I'm the only one that works here as early in the morning as you...but that doesn't make us GET". But what I say is, "For one can' t stop this thing once you hit "Brew" so It's got another ten minutes brewing Vienna and I'm not gonna stand here all morning, and for another thing I hate Vanilla Nut, it's not real coffee, it's for tourists."

And he took a long hard look at me. He licked his chapped lips in frustration. His mind worked it over..."This guy doesn't LIKE vanilla nut?" he thought to himself. To him it was akin to someone saying, "I sure wish the Russians had one the Cold least we'd have free health care."

He began to stammer...and I capped the old Sharky's cup and walked out...he can brew it himself.

But then I started to think like, "What if everyone just boycotted that vile Vanilla Nut." Would they keep stocking it? Would they eventually just give up on it? It's not likely a boycott would stick. To many fatties work here with a bowl of powdered donuts they need to wash down every morning.

Oh least I can sip my elitest Seattle Blend safe in the knowledge of my coffee superiority.

Oh and one more thing. The internet radio station "Elektro-Statik" is great...good mix of industrial, noise, and even some electro-clash. highly recommended.

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