Friday, August 29, 2008

First (Long overdue?) Post about the trip to Boise.

Well, I've been back at work for a few days now, but I've been too busy recooperating to throw up a blog full o' pictures.

Becca and I just finished our summer time trip to the old man's place in Idaho. This trip was totally great. We had a big list of thing we wanted to do and we pretty much did them all. We:

-Saved money by having a bunch of delicious BBQs at Dad and Raleigh's place
-Floated down the Boise River
-Went out on the Boat
-Saw the Wilco concert with my 2nd Cousin Scott and his Wife.
-Went to the Idaho State Fair (twice)
-Went to (one of) Emma's family's (pretty posh) cabins.
-burned marshmellows and just ate the graham crackers
-Hit the Pawn shops (Boise has the most amazing pawn shops...must be all the meth heads and Mormons)
-Rode the Zipper
-Ate at Chappala's
-Had a few "Epic Bike Rides" with Dad on the Green Belt
-Watched Battle of the Planets with Calvin and Henry.
-Hit the little boutiques in Eagle (Rembrants coffee shop in Eagle, Idaho is a MUST VISIT if you ever find yourself in Boise)
- Went to the Tour de Fat
-Went to a rustic little Hot Springs
-Had corned beef hash at the Capri
-Hit the Farmers market
-Went to a crazy Idaho Goth Club
-Checked out an Art Walk
-Had some tasty pizza
- Took a chance on Kismet Vodka, the only Vodka you can buy outside of a bar in Idaho after 7PM. There is a reason you can't google it. It sucks.
-Played a game of Asteroids Deluxe with my nephew Calvin on a mint condion original arcade cabinet at a 50s resturant with hot chicks on roller skates.
-Had eggs benny at Goldy's Breakfast Bistro
-Had a Bowling tournament, where Dad and his Girlfriend Kicked our asses.

So as you can see it was a busy trip, and I have some great pics that I'll be posting over the next few days. To start it off, I'm going to post up all the "Random Snapshots". Just pics that I took randomly, that don't fit into a category like "at the cabin" or "on Lucky Peak". I'm going to experiment with Picasa's gallery feature to post these. Let me know if you like it or not. If you don't I'm just going to go back to my usual photobucket "big ol mess o' pictures" that take forever to load method.


As an interesting side note, I kept coming accross this blog that Greg wrote about Boise, I was reading it going, man I wonder if this guy knows Raleigh and Greg cause he sounds like he hits all the spots...and then at the bottom of the window is a picture of Calvin and turns out he knows Greg because he IS greg.

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