Friday, August 15, 2008

Jeremy Parish gives me a shout out on Retronauts!!!

Many of you know that I'm a big consumer of Podcasts. I have about 3 hours in the day that I'm either on the bus or on a Bike, so I have lots of prime listening time.

Without a doubt out of the thirty or so podcasts that I have in my RSS feed, my favorite would have to be 1UP's Retronauts. This podcast is well informed and so enjoyable. Far superior to the mostly rambling (although the Hardware Flashback is a must listen) Retro Gaming Radio or the hot mess that is Destructoid's Retroforce Go I always learn something new and interesting. This is mainly due to the host Jeremy Parish and the sommewhat regular guest Wired's Chris Kohler.

This week Retronauts posted their "Bionic Commando" show to coincide with the release of the excellent Bionic Commando Rearmed. As usual, the show was excellent, but this show was made even better thanks to the fact that Jeremy Parish read a response that I had written to him about a recent show that they had done on Act Raiser, which had just been released on the Wii Virtual Console. So Cool!! I was so excited I nearly fell off my bike. Anyway, I've edited this down to a snippet if you'd like to hear it below:

Retronauts Shoutout

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