Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An evening at Nocturnum. Boise's best (only?) goth club.

Becca at Nocturnum is like Roger Federer playing a pick up game at the Whitset golf and Tennis club

You know that a goth club is going to be interesting when:

a) doesn't have a proper web site
b) it is held in a bar that usually hosts Greatful Dead cover bands
c) is in a state that stops selling alcahol in stores after 7PM
d) you hear about from your Dad.

Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for you) Becca and I headed out to just such a club on our first night in Boise. It was...interesting. The music was a strange mix of modern stuff like Zombie Girl, musty old Classics like TKK's "Daisy Chain for Satan" and random Electro (Zombie Nation) and Metal (Rammstein). All poured into a mix. The DJ didn't really have theme or a flow...it was like a hot topic employee's ipod put on shuffle. It wasn't bad, but if I didn't already like going to industrial clubs, this one wouldn't be the one to win me over.

The highlight was the drinks. I ordered a Screwdriver, a Beer, and a bottle of water...and the guy said "that'll be five bucks" and I said, "no I wanted a screwdriver, a beer, and a bottle of water...not just a bottle of water." and the guy blinked and looked a little closer at me and said, "yeah, that'll be five bucks".

So all things considered, I bought three beers, two mixed drinks and three waters and spent less than 20 bucks includidng tips for the whole night. Fuck, in LA 20 bucks is parking for some clubs. Incredible.

Anyway, here's some pics...these poor kids don't have a website of their own and one of the chicks wanted becca to email them to her so she could put them on her myspace. Can you imagine that? No party pics site for these poor slutty goth girls? They'd double their attendance with even a simple angelfire free site.

Anyway, prepare yourself:

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