Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trip to Boise 2008 - High Valley Cabin.

From Trip to Boise 2008 - High Valley Cabin

Everyone really bent over backwards for Becca and I while we were up there. We pretty much spent the entire time doing what we wanted and having everyone asking us if we were having a good time and if we what we wanted to do. It was pretty great. This extended to our trip up to the Cabin. Emma arranged for us to stay at her aunt's amazing bird watching sanctuary which did not have a name that I caught, but should have been called "The Nest". This place was amazing. built totally within a big round structure the bottom floor had two bedrooms, a nice big living room, a bathroom (a real running water type of bathroom...not a hole in the ground type that would have made becca hitchike back to LA) and a little laundry Area. The upstairs is one huge lodge type kitchen / family area. It was so comfortable and awesome!

We had a great time, everyone that I show these pictures to in LA sort of can't believe it, but it's real I say...we even heard Elk while roasting "schmoos".

You can download these pics here or you can just watch the slide show:

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