Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better late than never.

From Trip to Boise 2008 - Lucky Peak
Thanks to Jeff for reminding me that I have yet to post all the pics from the Idaho trip. Those of you in LA will already have been forced to sit through one or two slide shows on the subject, but in these complicated, often troubling times there are some family members who may not yet have been subjected to all of the these pictures, so these posts will be for you.

Starting off in Chronological order, we have the pics we took up at Lucky Peak. Unfortunately, the boat did not survive the trip and we ended up ruining the party time of a group of Boise State co-eds who's dock we took over with our inflatable tow toys and squirt guns. Now these docks are public mind, but some Idaho douche slides his massive speed boat up to the dock that we were all hanging out on and says "what's going on here?" Not "How's it Going" or "Hey our stuff is on the shore, we're going to eat lunch, but we'll try to share this public resource..." nope, just 'what's going on here" (subtext...I got all these chicks in Bikini's so whats with you sqaures and your kids and your big fat guts ruining our times?) Anywho the old man handled it by speaking Idaho to the dood and they begrudgingly went about their business.

I didn't get any feed back about how you liked the last slide I'm going to assume that you LOVED it and give you another one. If anyone wants to download these pics they are available on my public Picasa album:
Trip to Boise 2008 - Lucky Peak

Otherwise enjoy the slideshow:

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