Thursday, October 16, 2008

IMing on the clock.

I was really on a roll this's an IM exchange between me and the keller:

[12:42] Kryptransmitter: Ol Jonny Mac the third sure does hate Barry Obama
[12:42] Kryptransmitter: he was spittin mad last night
[12:42] Kryptransmitter: doesn't like that old black congressman callin him and palin rascists
[12:43] PK: whatching him force himeself to smile while Obmama was talking was awesome
[12:43] Kryptransmitter: figures any man what spent five years captive by them damn yellow dogs has paid his dues...
[12:44] Kryptransmitter: he totally comes off like...I deserver to be here...I've been in congress for 30 years why are you even bothering with this and buying this guys shit
[12:44] Kryptransmitter: I liked the "If you wanted to run against bush you should have run four years ago thing"
[12:44] Kryptransmitter: I'll have to remember that when I eventually run for mayor of elko
[12:45] Kryptransmitter: "The people of elko want to know that they've got a man in the court house who knows how to clean an SKS! A man who has felt the power of an American Made motorcycle gripped between his thighs!"
[12:46] PK: yeah, I got to give him props for that line
[12:47] Kryptransmitter: "The people of elko don't want two more years of business as usual, they want a Target, they want a new McDonalds, they want a place where their kids can take 4H or FFA without having to worry about learning algebra!"
[12:47] PK: nice
[12:48] Kryptransmitter: That's why Sherriff Arnold and City Comptroller Arnold and Chamber of Commerce President Arnold and I have put together a plan which we call "The wagon train to progress"
[12:48] Patrick Keller: nice
[12:49] Patrick Keller: lol
[12:49] Kryptransmitter: but before I begin, I'd like to ask County Commisioner Keller to come up to the he out there...ah heck probably still over at the Kawanis bout them pancakes huh?
[12:49] Kryptransmitter: I haven't had pancakes that good since the last wells fun run!
[12:52] Kryptransmitter: but seriously long are we going to be asked to stand by while the current city administration wastes time and money on the pork filled projects? Seriously....a wireless internet tower? My friends let me ask you, anyone heard of Dial up? it's the same internet. We already have access to it thanks to our friends at Nevada Bell, do we really need to spend money on a pipe dream when hard working ranchers can bare afford to fill their f350s?
[12:52] PK: not my style, I'd have my hot wife do that gig, while I stayed home to work on music software and watch the kids
[12:52] Kryptransmitter: I didn't say it was you
[12:52] Kryptransmitter: obvoiusly I was talking about Reiko Keller
[12:52] Kryptransmitter: Elko County Commisioner
[12:52] Kryptransmitter: the first asian woman elected to office in the history
[12:52] Kryptransmitter: of elko county
[12:52] PK: nice
[12:53] Kryptransmitter: I just called her "he" when I said is "he" out there because "he" is her family nick name for Reiko Heiada Keller
[12:54] PK: slow season over at THQ eh?
[12:57] Kryptransmitter: I'm just taking a break from my visual basic homework...little loopy

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