Monday, November 17, 2008

New Tomb Raider trailer does what a trailer should, makes you want to buy a game you would otherwise pass on.

So, Becca, Aaron, Patrick, Gill and I saw the new Bond movie over the weekend. Like most Bond movies I was pretty "meh" about seeing it. Outside of Bond's gadgets I'm not a huge Bond fan. I find them to be sort of eye rollingly hokey. But then something happened. There was a trailer that started showing on TV about a week before the movie opened, and I'll be damned if Becca didn't start saying, "I kind of want to see that." and I started saying, "yeah, I know what you mean".

A similar thing happened to me today with a trailer that just hit the internet for the new Tomb Raider game. I really liked Tomb Raider Legends on the original Xbox, and I even went so far as posting some amazing screen shots as well as some insanely high resolution shots of the latest Lara Croft model. But I was never what I would call "excited" about this game or "looking forward to it.

All that changed when I saw the following video posted over on Joystiq. This trailer has definatly moved this game from "wait till it's 100 points on Goozex" to "Wait till it's 500 points on Goozex":


Marc said...

Wow...I can't agree more. That trailer looked great.

AaronFlux said...

Is the music I hear by Lamb?

There is a plethora of video game boobs on your blog.

I'm amused.