Wednesday, November 12, 2008


"What the hell is this?" you ask yourself. And that's exactly what I was asking myself when I absentmindedly typed "woodcat" into Google. That brought up this site. And I was greeted by this:

And I thought to myself "Choco? What have those Damn Ruskies been up to now". You see Choco is kind of a mutt, but we think that he is a Norwegian Forest Cat and I call him "the Wood Cat" or more commonly "That big ol' wood cat".

So imagine my surprise when I type in "woodcat" and find a Russian site with a big ol' black WOODCAT!!!

From what I can gather from the google translation of the site, this is the mascot of a Russian airsoft gun squad (paintball squad? In russia do they just play "airsoft" with Real's hard to say...anyone know what the Russian word "straykbole" means?)

These guys even have a flag with Choco on it:

Should I sue for copyright? I mean Sanrio already owns Choco...but surely I could make a case for a big ol' black WOOD CAT!!!

Maybe I should get them back by stealing their banner:

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