Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clear out your calendars for the end of August... (Originally posted on MySpace on Feb 28, 2007)

Well normally the Arnold Brothers go on a little camp out every year in August. Of course the last couple of years have been a little fact Becca and I didn't do Jack or Shit last summer. Too poor. Anyway that MUST change this year. Cause there is an event so huge, so monumental, that it almost demands an Arnold Brother sponsorship. Not only does it deal with a segment of computer games so influentual to the Arnold Brother's collective childhood's, but it is taking place in Las Vegas...the fertile crescent that played host to 50% of our impressionable formative years!

Kotaku posted news this morning of AdventureCon! That's right a three day convention dedicated to nothing more than classic PC adventure games. I'm sure that the wives can amuse themselves poolside, whilst the Arnold Brothers cavort with other Sierra fan boys. Click Here for registration information.

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