Monday, March 9, 2009

Back in the day Coilhouse walked to elementary school carrying a Silhouette lunch box.

Leave it to coilhouse to be plugged into the zeitgeist of the 30 something goth. I mean, they've already covered wumpskate, cabaret voltaire, and even the death of Gary Gygax.

So it was with little to no surprise that after a spirited debate with the keller over a minor character in the Watchmen, I should find that Coilhouse's interest was also peaked.

The character in question is the Silhouette:

Patrick and I couldn't remember her from the comic book. I assumed that maybe they sort of used Hooded Justice as an inspiration as I remember that he was in the closet and dating Cpt. Metropolis using Silk Spectre as a beard. I guessed that the Silhouette was hollywood's way of spicing up the "one of the old super hero's was gay" sub plot.

Coilhouse dug a little deeper and found out some more information on both the character and the Slavic Fitness Model who played her.

Click on Apollonia's civilian pic to head over to Coilhouse and read the full story:

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Aaron said...

I will say this. When she came on screen and totally macked on that girl in that somewhat remake of that famous pic of the sailor kissing that girl, I found I had said, "YEAH!" pretty loud in the theater.