Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you haven't played Half LIfe 2...well then I don't know what's wrong with you. (Originally posted on MySpace on Feb 28, 2007)

Sent Greg a care package the other week that should fill in some holes in his "why haven't you played this game?" PS2 lifestyle. Namely God of War (hopefully he didn't miss the Sex mini game.) and Resident Evil 4. But one game that I sadly can not send him (at least for PS2) is Half Life 2. And this is sad cause that game was pretty awesome. You know it's a good game if you can get your friends to sit and watch you play a first person shooter. The only other game with which that was true of late was Doom was fun to play for about an hour and then go...OK Aaron you kill this boss guy. And then for anyone who has played video games with Aaron you know what's up next. It starts with, "Um...that's not what I meant...oh well OK...i don't even remember the controls." This is followed by a constant running commentary along the lines of, "Oh god oh fuck me oh fuck me...oh this is just gre-ahhhhh...not a fan...not a fucking fan...oh shit oh shit...he's killing me...he is fucking killing me..." It's fun.

Anyway Half LIfe 2 was right up there...we tried to do it with Black...but that game was a) a little too hard for the casual gamer and b) kind of boring for the hardcore gamer.

Anyway here's another sweet video I stole from the Kotaku Feed. The timing is classic. I guess someone used Gary's mod to create a (This Morn Omina sounding) stomp-track. check it out:

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