Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPLATTERHOUSE? Oh HELL YES!!!! (Originally posted on MySpace on Feb 28, 2007)

OK OK...I know I know...Three posts in one morning all about gaming. And I haven't even posted one pic from the Cruise. I konw. I know. I had a whole day off yesterday. I know. All I did was ride my bike and then spend six hours READING A BOOK for god's sake. I still have to play through Prey, Fear, Oblivion, and Lost Planet....not to mention that I have Sonic for Wii that I haven't even opened (along side an unplayed copy of Legend of Zelda). And all I could do was READ A BOOK?

Why don't I write about the book? Well come on do any of you really want to hear about an 800 page Warhammer 40,000 omnibus of short stories? Well anyone other than Andrew who is likely the only one of my readers with any I idea what I'm talking about when I mention "the Horus Heresy" or "The Golden Throne of Terra" or better yet, "Slaneesh and the Ruinous powers". Becca calls it "my book about my spacemen." which I think is pretty fair. At least I'm not painting figurines.

I also found the first two

graphic novels at the Goodwill this weekend. I love this comic. Raleigh turned me on to it several years ago and I've been meaning to buy them...but they're a little pricey. 15 bucks for a Graphic novel that I have try not to read all the way through in a day. "Too MUSH" as I'd say to Becca. "Too Mush" Anyway I bought them for 99 cents each...can you believe that two bucks for some of the greatest graphic novelizations since Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. I read the first one in about two hours...see what I mean...for a buck that's a bargain...for fifteen...maybe a little pricey.

Anyway...enough of this non game related stuff... HudsonSoft's official website lists Splatterhouse as being scheduled for release this March!!! Yes Splatterhouse. This is the game I vaguely remember playing over at Brian Bohal's house in Jr. High. A game I was sure my Mom would have grounded me for a month and sent me to emergancy therapy sessions if she saw me playing. This game is the ULTIMATE in "video games are corrupting our children's minds" type stuff from the late 80s early 90s. It was the game I first thought of when I heard that Hudson was supporting the virtual console with Turbo Grafix titles. This is a good one. I can't wait for it. Just so you can get an's yet another video:

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