Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Ivana Milicevic the only thing that could get me to play an RTS on my Xbox 360?

So last night while Becca was getting ready for bed I squeezed in a quick play through of the Red Alert 3 XBLA demo. I felt about it the way I'm sure that many of you did which is that the game isn't bad...For an RTS on a console. I don't know if I'd choose to play it over Dawn of War II, but it might end up in my Goozex queue eventually, if for no other reason than the cheezy FMVs that, if the demo are any indication are on par with the early C&C games.

A lot has been made on certain other blogs about the games other "notable" "starlets" such as Jenny McCarthy:

or Gemma Atkinson:

which is all fine and good if you're one of those guys for whom huge plastic filled breasts make up for a myriad of other physiological and psychological short comings.

Indeed, I would probably dismiss this game's vixens all together. Especially considering that the "Japanese" Girls appear to be played by a Chinese girl with plastic boobs:

and a Korean girl with (maybe) plastic boobs:

Not that there's anything wrong with Chinese or Korean girls (other than their plastic boobs), it's just that having them play Japanese tools of agression is a bit like having Sarah Silverman play Ilsa the she wolf of the SS.

No, the only saving grace for this film is good old Ivana Milicevic. I did my usual cruise through the forums for pics from the FMV and my favorite is this one:

You can sort of see in her smirk how ridiculous she finds this whole thing. She seemed to take it about as seriously as Jennifer Morrison did when she was in the FMVs for Command and Conquer 3. I'll include a PR pic in which she looks as if she's fighting to keep a straight face:

She's obviously thinking to herself. "I can't wait for the writers strike to be over so I can go back to House".'s the rest of the Ivana pics that I that were bouncing around the web. Enjoy:



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Aaron said...

I just want to go ahead and say I tried to read this entry. Instead I kinda drooled on the keyboard.