Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new world order... (Originally posted on MySpace on Jan 27, 2007)

Listening to Elektro-Static at work. man I forgot what a good song Ministry's N.W.O. is. I miss the days when Ministry was good. I guess they still are considering that they've put out the same album for last 15 years and just changed the song's like you innovate and people go what hte fuck is this? Or you stay the same and peopel get bored. You just can't win. Of course...I guess you could argue that for the people who loved "Everyday is Halloween" that Psalm 69 was a big "What the fuck is this" moment. Maybe I just miss being young enough to be a little bit scared when I'd listen to this shit. guys are kinda crazy...Now I just worry my music is to loud and they guys in the wireless department are gonna complain...oh well.

"What we are looking at is Good and Evil. Right and Wrong. A new world order."

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