Thursday, March 12, 2009

One huge mac fan!!! (Originally posted on MySpace on Jan, 27 2007)

"Now then, it has come to my attention that we have a couple of hitch-hickers aboard...yes Hello...wheever you are...oh yes we are quite aware of you presence...we will be rounding you up shortly."
-Vogon Prostetnic Jeltz, Commander of the Vogon Constructor Fleet.

Now it's now secret that I have a few family members that who "lurk" and read my blogs. This is fine with me. It's why I leave these all public. This particular post is directly aimed at one such reader...he (or she) will know who he (or she) is...based on the subject matter...which is posted on Gizmodo
today from the home of a person who can only be described as "a pretty big fan of old Mac computers".

I could have just emailed these pictures to him (or her) but I figured that eveyone else would want to see them too. So here they are...get ready to have an apple overload:

More can be found at this guys flicker gallery. all I can say is wow...just wow.

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