Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time for Greg to pick up a GBA. (Originally posted on MySpace on Jan 12th, 2007)

I'm sure the McGee has a little down time between tunings....what better way to fill the time than with a little GBA action. One could most likely find a GBA SP for 50 bucks used somewhere. Or better yet pick up a Nintendo DS (original body style) for a few bucks more and then have DS and GBA. When he did pick it up I'm sure he'd love to play this game mentioned on destructoid. To save you some time check out this video. ( Fast forward to about the 1.33 Minute mark to see some of that classic First Person dungeon crawling the McGee likes him so much).

Incidently the guys creating this are coding it and selling them in indie game shops and on ebay...just an idea for the vaporware Arnold Brother Game Studio:

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