Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watching out for big brother. (Originally posted on MySpace on Jan 13th, 2007)

I've been getting a little more traffic from industry types asking me questions. And so I'm gonna be a little more careful about specifics of what I'm doing at work. Since in the last week there were a couple of items about which I could have easily spilled the beans.

Anyway...let's just say that I've been here since 6AM working on gold masters for a highly anticipated PC game. Which one...well you'll just have to guess, cause I aint gonna tell you...but let's just say it has several different language SKUs and they all came in today so god only knows how long I'll be here...until then here's some hot wii playin babes I stole from Destructoid:

But just so I don't get blamed for being one sided here's an (unanimated) picture from destructoid's Men of Nerdcore

It's really the only one that isn't a crime against nature...shesh...don't click that link unless you have taken some dramamine.

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