Thursday, October 1, 2009

CG Artist of the Day - Erasmus Brosdau

Today's artist is Erasmus Brosdau. Naturally I was drawn to his work because of this incredible 40k image that he and another artist created:

Here are some close up views, as you can see this picture is incredibly detailed:

He also posted some "Clay Renders" I'm not up on my CG to know if this is a render done in a program like Maya or if he actually sculpted this...that's how good CG is now, I cna't tell if it's a render or a real clay model. Check out the detail:

A HUGE version of this image can be downloaded here.

But the guy also has a lot of other incredible stuff up on his CGPortfolio. Stuff like this:





and of course "Breaking through the ice":

I don't know if this guy is working professionally or not, but I hope so, he has a lot of talent.

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