Friday, April 25, 2008

A strange turn of events. (Originally posted on MySpace Wednesday, July 27, 2005)

Well it has finally happened. My dad has a girlfriend YOUNGER than me. He got close a few know girls that I could have gone to high school with or something but this latest MILF as he likes to call them is four months younger than me. FOUR months. Imagine that if you will. For those of you who have kids...and then for those of you that don't...having sex with someone who is YOUNGER than your it blows my mind.

But hey. More power to him. I mean the poor guy really is LONELY. There are three things that matter to my dad: MONEY, SEX, and FOOD. In that order. He has the money angle covered pretty well...and ever since he got diagnosed with type two diabites he's been missing out on the one great love of his

Unfortunately for him the guy is HORNY. I mean I have never seen a guy as horny as my dad. The most embarassing moment in my life was the night I went with him to the bikini bar...the guy just loves the ladies. Unfortunatly for my dad the ladies love MONEY. And he has been had by some gold diggin' BITCHES. My last stepmom being chief among them.

So the guy has paid his dues. He's lost a LOT of weight. He's excercising alot. And he's paid more in child support / alamony than most of us will ever make in our lives. He's lost a couple of houses and had his heart trampled on. So if he wants to bone some babe half his age...then I say...go for it old man. I mean there's a lot of guys out there who WISH they could do the same, but don't or can't.

Still it feels like life just doesn't make sense my younger brother is married and has two KIDS and my dad is bagging girls YOUNGER than I ain't the Brady Bunch....It's just that crazy Arnold style that so many people wish they could latch adopt and some people hope they can avoid at all costs...go figure.

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