Friday, April 25, 2008

The views expressed are my own...(Originally posted on My Space Wednesday, August 03, 2005)

Had a pretty good talk with Anthony at work today about some of the "goings on" in the lab of late. We are having to write up lists of things that can implement a "system impact change" and other corporate buzz words. This place is getting bigger and busier and essentail my manager wants us to start helping to finish projects and avoid bottlenecks.

This is made somewhat difficult by the fact that some of the guys in here (well one actually) is sort martyrs himself as both "the boss" and "they guy who deflects all the shit". This means that it is hard to discuss things with higher ups for fear that it might contradict him or implement a procedural change that wasn't either discussed or approved by him , dispite the fact that he isn't really in a postition give sway over any of my ideas other than the fact that he has been in here longer.

So whenever we have meetings I usually just keep my mouth shut because usually anything I say will be imediately paraphrased by this guy to the management in the room and any ideas I have independantly that are good will be CO-OP'ed by them and any they disagree with will be sumarily dismissed. It sucks...I think a lot of things could run smoothly but as in any corporate situation I have ever worked in there is this sort of tribal knowledge. A sense of "this is how things work around here". so that whenver changes or adaptions are required the tenured people drag their feet or complain over "why things have to change" and USUALLY the implementations are half hearted as most people want to prove that the old ways are better.

But in this case I totally see what Mario is talking about. He is way to busy to hand hold the Lab. He needs us to come to him for guidance and mentoring and not use him as a way to avoid working by sending stuff to him to die in committee. It's hard though cause we are only as fast as our weakest link.

It was nice however to hear that anthony was on my side and shares my frustrations. Honestly some of the shit that goes on in here really agrivates me and I'm glad I'm not alone.

All this corporate stuff sucks...

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